<Manhee's Letterbugs>


Video Picture Book <Manhee's Letterbugs> is made for <Talking book> Performance at Gunpo Culture & Arts Center.

[4min.4sec, Gilbut Children]


<Meeting Wenchang Dijun>

<Meeting Wenchang Dijun> is made for the ‘Taoist Culture in Korea’ exhibition at National Museum of Korea.

[3min.30sec. National Museum of Korea, 2013]


<Grandma Flora>

Video Picture Book <Grandma Flora> is made for the Book Concert at Namsan. 

[4min.4sec. Sakyejul]


<There Dangles a Spider>

<There Dangles a Spider> created for exhibition of original art work and artist's work space at Jeju City Miracle Library.

[3min 6sec. Directed by Oh Sung Yoon, Music by Sin Dong Il]