<2016> Lecture List

March 17  

March 24

March 25

Gumi Provincial Library

Busan Gomgomi Bookstore

Busan Jeonpo Welfare Hall

March 26  

Jeju 4.3 Peace Foundation

March 30  

Dangjin School for Art & Culture

April 2

Paju Nest of Peace

Dialogue : Meet 'Jeju April 3 Incident' in the eyes of a boy and a girl        

April 7

April 15

Neutinamu Children’s Library

Busan Community Media Center

April 16

Busan Books and Children, Book Concert

Click this link for details : http://m.cafe.daum.net/bookandkid


April 21

April 23

April 26

Suncheon Miracle Library

Inje Small Library Forest

Seoul Metropolitan Library

April 30

Jeju Halla Library

The theater company Olive and Jjin-Kong makes a real difference as Participatory Theatre. The monologue at the end of the play let the audience immerse in the interactive performance. After monologues of a girl named Siri and her mother, anybody would be moved to tears and probably feel like talking to the girl. In this way you can get absorbed in the story of <Wooden Stamp> with all your heart.


Click this link for details : https://youtu.be/0TqhGIoK9z8

May 2 

Gwangju Mudeung Library

June 11 

Gwangju Yangnim History and Culture Library

​June 17

Jeju Book Concert by Hamdeok Youth Association

June 22

Paju Hanbit Library

June 24

Japan Lecture invited by Chekccori Bookstore